Have you assessed a visible piece of cracked concrete and are unsure of the severity? Have you observed other materials in your dwelling have also cracked? Are you asking yourself if it’s time you started looked at a concrete repair? Here are some tell tale signs that you need concrete repairs. The most common sign you may be in need of concrete repair is if you observe cracks appearing in the concrete. Although on face value it might seem only superficial however there is risk that the cracks could be caused by soil expanding and contracting from exterior elements. If you begin to notice surfaces aren’t level or are uneven such as the concrete itself, exposed beams or walls, this may be as a result of weather conditions or potentially the work of sub-standard foundation. In the event you prolong having a professional inspection of the damage, you can run risks of the infected area crumbling and breaking which could ultimately lead to structural instability and potentially injury. The final tell-tale sign of the need for concrete repair is obvious signs of aging. Consistent with other building materials, concrete will experience wear and age over its life. The signs mentioned above are only some signs that your concrete is worn due to age or other factors. Compromised concrete will often present shabby and worn. If you have observed any of the above, it’s a good time to engage a concrete repair specialist.

Why Get Concrete Cancer Repairs Done

Concrete cancer can possess a major threat to the structural integrity of buildings and the following provides some insight into what actually is concrete cancer and more importantly, why you should seek to immediately arrange concrete repairs to the infected concrete that has been compromised. In a typical concrete building, reinforced steel bars or mesh are used during the construction process. Over time or as a result of poor craftsmanship, the steel can be exposed to air and water leading to formation of a weak carbonic acid causing steel to corrode. As corrosion occurs, steel is typically forced to expand leading to cracks in surrounding concrete. The definition of concrete cancer is used when cracks in the concrete allow for the steel to be exposed to surrounding elements that will ultimately act a catalyst to steel corrosion. As a result of the corrosion, you will find the building’s structure can become compromised and a potentially devastating hazard can emerge. Now that the gravity of concrete cancer has been established we can further discuss why concrete cancer should have a concrete repair carried out. If the concrete cancer is left untreated you’re essentially leaving a ticking time bomb or playing roulette as to how long the structure will hold up before potentially beginning to crumble further or collapsing all together. This is why you should call a professional and have a concrete repair carried out on the structure or impacted area.

Prevention of Concrete Cancer

If the devastation of the impact of concrete cancer has you concerned, you are likely seeking to understand what preventative measures can be taken to avoid a potentially costly concrete repair. Initially it’s advised to avoid the instance of concrete cancer from the beginning, however this may not be feasible in some cases if there’s unknown issues with the concrete. Therefore, early detection and repairing the impacted concrete is key if it has occurred. The best preventative measure is waterproofing to guard the building from concrete cancer. High quality Wolfin or Cosmofin waterproofing membranes offer extreme resistance to tears and punctures in turn minimising water leakage into the structure. This coupled with the exceptional elongation properties prevent leakage condition from building movement. These waterproofing membranes boast exceptional resistance to extreme weather conditions and could allow you to avoid a potentially costly concrete repair.


If you own a residential or commercial property, remedial building maintenance is an essential requirement to maintain the integrity of your building structure. Factoring in maintenance plans and engaging with a quality company such as BIM Remedial is highly-important for ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and Workplace, Health & Safety (WH&S). A quality company will schedule maintenance and complete a full review of your building and site, identify any structural issues or damage and ensure that your property is compliant.

Identification of structural integrity and damage is important as it could lead to higher costs in repairs or replacement in the future and it can potentially prevent injury to a team member or household member or compromised safety standards. Remedial building maintenance is integral and the need for structural repairs can vary whether your building structure might have concrete cancer, require balustrade replacement or waterproofing. It might seem a little overwhelming but a quality company such as BIM Remedial can assist you throughout the process and ensure that you comprehend the nature of the requirements and maintenance plan.

Factors To Consider With Remedial Building Maintenance

Researching the company that you wish to work with for your structural integrity and maintenance plan including remedial building maintenance is important. You shouldn’t simply choose the first one you come across and there will be many to select from; you require a company that achieves premium-quality workmanship and furthermore, delivers exceptional service to each and every client. That’s what you gain with BIM Remedial. Inquire about qualifications, experience, and training as the company needs to be highly-experienced and qualified to perform the remedial building maintenance work.

BIM Remedial has a team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals and the company is armed with more than twenty years of experience within the industry. Once you have had an inspection undertaken, ensure that you obtain a detailed and comprehensive report in writing that analyses the maintenance required, damages if any and building materials required to rectify any issues. BIM Remedial will provide you with accurate and timely correspondence to ensure that you stay abreast of the progress of your project.

Our Valued Clientele

BIM Remedial liaises with commercial and residential property owners and can work with plumbing, brickwork and electrical service as well as major structural concrete repairs and asphalting. Our team includes highly-trained plumbers, electricians, roofers, carpenters and concrete and asphalt contractors. We complete extensive work to high-quality standards which comply with Australian standards. We also work with Engineers and Building Consultants and deliver specialist expertise in structural work and additionally, liaise with commercial Property Managers providing a single, professional Account Manager to manage correspondence. We provide evidence of all insurances and Occupational, Health & Safety (OH&S) policies and we accomplish successful outcomes within a timely manner.

Testimonials are another aspect of a quality company for remedial building maintenance work and we are proud to assist our valued clientele to the optimum of our capacity. Testimonials such as one by Susie S, Founder & Head of Inspirations, Lioli Property Upgrades attest to our specialised project skills with her review of ‘I had previously used BIM on another specialised project and was totally impressed with their professionalism from co-ordination through to completion. It was whilst researching for another residential renovation, that required a wall out, that BIM’s name popped up as 1st preference on my google search for a remedial builder. Dealings with Mark and his team are not only pleasant and enjoyable but importantly professional: from initial discussions, proposals, booking, through to walls being removed and rubbish being removed it’s done right and on time.

Getting hold of a builder in today’s building boom is almost impossible, whereas BIM’s services allow my small business to provide residential clients timely services within their budget whilst working with a team that can co-ordinate and provide multiple trades on site to ensure a high standard is met on delivering. It’s perfect. I must also say that in today’s world of “non-existent customer service”, it’s this company’s customer service that will make me call BIM again and again.