Concrete Cancer—Symptoms, Causes & Treatment.

Concrete is one of the most robust and versatile construction materials. However, it is also predisposed to wear and tear. With usage and time, different types of defects start to appear in the concrete structures as well. 

Many factors introduce these defects. These causes vary from design loopholes to overloading and also structural deficiencies. Environmental factors and natural hazards cause concrete defects that need urgent concrete repair. 

But in today’s article, we will guide you through a common defect known as concrete cancer or concrete spalling. Let’s begin. 

What is Concrete Cancer? 

Concrete cancer is a defect that happens when the steel reinforcement in the structures begins to rust. When the steel reinforcements become corroded, expansion occurs. As a result, the surrounding concrete damages and starts cracking. 

The term concrete cancer is self-explanatory that these conditions spread rapidly. A reliable concrete repair contractor must examine and repair it. Because if delayed, it can significantly impact the building structures making concrete cancer repair more expensive and challenging. 

Symptoms of Concrete Cancer: 

Only a licensed concrete repair specialist can confirm if your building is suffering from concrete cancer. This is because sometimes you won’t even know that it is happening. However, some visible signs show cancer’s presence. 

Some of them are:

  • Any cracking/flaking of concrete. Concrete Spalling is generally an early stage of this defect. Therefore, always contact a concrete spalling repair company promptly to get it inspected and rectified. 

  • The rusting causes stains to appear on the outer surface of the concrete. If you see any rust stains, it best to consult a concrete repair company for an inspection.

  •  Concrete bubbling, i.e. when the render starts falling off and leaks, are some important symptoms which you should not ignore. 

Causes of Concrete Cancer:

A variety of factors causes concrete cancer, including malpractices in the construction process, and some involve unavoidable natural factors. 

Some of the common ones are:

  • When a construction company poorly prepares and pours the substrate, it allows water and moisture to pass through the cracks inducing concrete cancer. 

  • The reinforced steel plays a vital role in avoiding structural issues like concrete cancer. But the building contractor should prepare it well to avoid issues in future and maintain the structural integrity.

  • When reinforcement ends are closer to the surface, or incompatible metals are placed together, it allows water to enter the concrete, thus causing rusting steel reinforcements leading to spalling and concrete cancer.

  • Regular deterioration and stress fractures result in water seepage and provide a perfect environment for corrosion. This later causes concrete cancer. 

What are Concrete Repair Solutions For Concrete Cancer?

Most concrete repair companies in Sydney consider concreter cancer an irreparable issue. BIM Sydney is a leading specialist in the concrete repair industry. No job is impossible for us. Our patented 3 step process for the treatment of concrete cancer is functional and efficient. 

First, we examine your site and locate the cause of concrete cancer. In the next step, we repair it by removing all affected concrete and removing rust from the steel. And if necessary, we treat the steel with anti-corrosive membranes. 

We will then replace and restore the original concrete. In the last step, we waterproof the treated area to reduce the chances of concrete cancer occurring again. 

For concrete cancer repair, talk to one of our specialists about your project. Call us today for a free quote!