Concrete Crack Repair

Why does concrete crack?


There are a number of reasons why concrete cracks. The most common is because concrete shrinks as the excess water evaporates and it hardens. Unfortunately, too often contractors add too much water to the mix, which makes it easier to apply but also more vulnerable to cracking.

Together with heavy machinery driving over concrete may lead to further cracking. Its very common for industrial warehouse and factory floors to experience cracked and shattered concrete floors due to the fact that they are highly trafficable areas.


Should I repair the concrete cracks in my warehouse or factory?


If you are an owner of a property that has concrete cracks then you must address this as soon as feasible. An owner may become liable should a person trips and injures themselves due to the cracks in the concrete floor. This is reason enough for an owner of a property to repair their cracked floors.


Cracked floors can weaken the structural integrity of your warehouse. Left alone they can become worse, further presenting a hazard and a risk to employees and visitors. Afterall cracks will not repair themselves and they just don’t go away over time. The longer the cracks are left the larger the problem becomes. Larger cracks means more work to repair which obviously means more expense to the owner.


Your property, be it a warehouse, factory or commercial space, is your investment. Unfortunately your investment may need occasional maintenance which would include repairing the cracks to your concrete floor. Doing so, will ensure the highest level of return when it comes time to selling or even leasing your property. Your property without cracks would a far better investment to that astute buyer.


What’s next?


Our Epoxy floor repair system is second to none. Just ask our previous clients! BIM’s crack repair product is trafficable within 24 hours and is guaranteed to last.


Our expert team here at Brookvale Industrial Maintenance would like to visit your property in order to assess the cracks in more detail. We have a range of epoxy concrete solutions that would meet your requirements. Please contact us at or call 02 9938 1740 for more information.