Concrete Cancer

What is concrete cancer or concrete spalling?

Spalling, cracked or damaged concrete is much more than just an eyesore. Left untreated, compromised concrete can quickly lead to serious structural problems requiring extensive remediation.

Concrete cancer occurs when carbonation and high chloride levels in the environment (usually present in coastal locations) causes corrosion of concrete buildings.  If it’s left untreated concrete cancer can lead to serious structural deterioration resulting in extensive and expensive repairs.

The expert concrete repair and waterproofing solutions from Brookvale Industrial Maintenance are an efficient and cost efficient way of addressing all types of concrete damage including concrete cancer, concrete spalling, water and damp damage and concrete cracks.

How we remove concrete cancer

Concrete Cancer Repair


Our concrete specialists will examine the site and identify what’s causing the concrete cancer, how we will repair it.

Concrete Repair Sydney


All affected concrete is removed along with any associated brick-work.  We then get to the structural level where we grind back any reinforcing steel and remove rust.  We will then remove any rusted steel if necessary or if safe to do so, treat the steel with anti-corrosive membranes.   We then work to replace any brick work and restore the original concrete.

Waterproofing Membrane


Waterproofing can reduce the risk of your building being affected by concrete cancer again.  Applying a waterproofing membrane will keep out the moisture that is one of the causes of concrete cancer.

We specialise in delivering concrete repair solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial and civil sectors throughout Sydney and no job is too big or too small. We’ve built our reputation based on quality workmanship, efficient service and value for money. We’re looking forward to extending to you the same quality results that we’ve become known for throughout the industry. We are an approved contractor for Northern Beaches Council. For Concrete cancer repair talk to one of our specialists about your project. Call us today on 02 9938 1740 or 0418 407 419 or email us at or contact us online for a Free Quote.

Our owners corporation were looking for a remedial builder that was able to fix a number of issues in our building. We needed a business with a good reputation and one that covered all our needs. The process of dealing with BIM was excellent from start to finish. Communication was clear and efficient, they turned up on time and everybody did their job. We were very happy with the work completed. The tradesman was excellent and the completed job exceeded expectations. We would definitely recommend BIM to others owner corporations. This is a business that knows what they are doing, they care about the client and deliver on all promises.

Steve – Owners Corporation Chairman – Queenscliff, NSW