Magnesite Removal

What is magnesite?

Magnesite was a building material used in many apartment buildings in Sydney as a floor leveller topping over concrete floors.

Magnesite for the most part is Magnesium Chloride and so when it is exposed to moisture it releases harmful chlorides into the concrete which in turn attacks the steel reinforcing.

Chloride release is worse in moist environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens and balcony door entries.  In extreme cases the reinforcing steel in the structure begins to disintegrate.

Process for Magnesite removal

Our expert team will remove all of the magnesite in the structure, repair any structural issues and then apply new cement based floor leveller topping so the surface finishes can be reapplied (e.g. carpet, tiles, timber).

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Before showing magnesite removal

As Strata Managers we are often called upon to arrange necessary building repairs and, on occasion, in the absence of any prior notice. On every such occasion Mark Meredith and his team at Brookvale Industrial Maintenance (BIM) are always willing to go that extra mile to assist in providing the services of their skilled and multi-disciplined trades team. As a private home owner, Mark and his team were engaged to undertake extensive renovation type works, which were performed skilfully and to a high standard and I am happy to endorse the services of BIM to any company or individual seeking building renovation &/or remediation works.

Christine Garnham – Strata Manager – Bridge Real Estate